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Medipak Systems: integrated solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries

Medipak Systems: integrated solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries

9 May 2015

Medipak Systems: integrated solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries

From the 15-19 June at the Achema show, Medipak Systems will once again be demonstrating its competence for safe and efficient processes for the manufacturing, packaging and traceability of pharmaceutical products.

With a combination of software solutions, machines, exhibits and live demonstrations, Medipak Systems will be demonstrating integrated line concepts for the various dosage forms and areas of application. Where required, customers can get complete, individual line concepts including production management and serialization from one source, but also high-quality standard solutions for smaller productions.


OEE maximization through live monitoring

Werum IT Solutions is demonstrating its PAS-X KPI Solution linked to the packaging lines from Dividella and Mediseal. Monitors on the shop floor enable the operator and the supervisor to oversee the efficiency of their lines in real time. As a consequence, reaction times to disruptions are cut dramatically. A continual improvement of the process will enable equipment efficiency to be boosted over the long term. The PAS-X KPI solution is designed as a standalone solution and is perfectly tailored to Dividella and Mediseal packaging machines. "This innovative solution is an example of the advantages that result from the cooperation within Medipak Systems," says Karl Hoffmann, Senior Director Marketing & Business Development at Werum IT Solutions. "IT expertise meets engineering know-how and our customers benefit from integrated solutions."

Focus on patient safety

For parenteral pharmaceuticals, container integrity and sterility of the products are the precondition for patient safety. With the new HVLD SOLO (High Voltage Leak Detection), Seidenader presents a standalone solution that allows full inspection of the complete DIN area of ampoules, cartridges and vials up to 52 millimeters in diameter and 130 millimeters in height in one sole machine. At the same time, the precise handling system ensures a constantly short distance from the electrodes and thus creates the base for a precise, reproducible inspection of up to 36,000 containers per hour.

European Directive 2011/62/EU demands that the packaging of medication must include tamper protection. On a blister line CP400-P1600 from Mediseal, Rondo is presenting its innovative solution at ACHEMA: tamper evidence integrated directly into the folding box (accord. prEN 16679). The advantage for the customer is that no additional materials such as glue or labels are required. The solution also characterized by its outstanding simplicity and efficiency. The packaging speed is impacted by the Rondo Tamper Evidence solution, and an optimum OEE is achieved in the packaging line.

Improved quality control thanks to individual stick weighing

An innovative new development from Mediseal permits 100% control of all sticks. The stickpack line LA600 SP-P1600 features an integrated individual stick weighing, which makes the manual adjustment of the target weight unnecessary, as the measured weights are fed back directly into the dosage. The change-over time for new products and weights is also cut dramatically. The simultaneous omission of the sample-based control likewise means that the effort involved in quality assurance is reduced.

Serialization solutions for the complete traceability of medications

Seidenader is presenting its flexible Track&Trace solution on a Seidenader SingleUnit, which is installed in a line with a Pester Casepacker palletizer. The individual boxes are coded and verified with the SingleUnit. The individual packages are packed up in cases and palletized by a monoblock casepacker/palletizer PEWO-form SLP 2 Compact. This is equipped with an built-in Seidenader CaseUnit for recording and consolidating the serialization codes, and applying and checking information relating to the parent packaging unit (case and pallet).

Even more flexibility in parenteral packaging

With its NeoTOP x, Dividella is exhibiting the latest generation of its TopLoading cartoners. The packaging line can be adapted not only to various formats, but can also package individual products as well as multipacks (up to 100 objects). The extensive variations of feeding systems for different objects offer further advantage in terms of flexibility. Format changes can be realized without any tools in less than 20 minutes. Dividella is proving it. Watch the format changes from a pen to a syringe packaging live.

Comprehensive services from one source

By providing services and consulting along the entire value chain, the Medipak Systems companies ensure that customers get integrated solutions. "Beyond the machines, packaging and IT solutions, we support our customers with expertise and detailed consultancy and integration skills," says Dirk Schmidtbleicher, Head of Services at Medipak Systems. "Our aim is to offer customers added value and to ensure their satisfaction in the long term, so our service goes far beyond classic after-sales support. We see it as a Life Cycle Service."



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