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MBD reports on UK plastics packaging market

According to MBD’s new report on ‘UK Plastics Packaging Market Development’, the UK market is projected to reach £3,438.5M in 2007 – and is expected to grow overall by about two per cent, to £3,505.1M by 2012.

MBD says the market is becoming increasingly dependent on the trends in the end use markets, “many of which are reaching a level of maturity, and growth is likely to be more dependent on the efforts by end users to utilize packaging to stimulate product differentiation”. Furthermore, market development is expected to be restricted by the trend towards reducing packaging and using more recyclable materials, which is largely driven by legislative requirements.

However, plastics is expected to remain a popular packaging material in a number of sectors, including food and drink, and healthcare.

Demand for PE sacks is forecast to decline by 10 per cent between 2007 and 2012, partly reflecting the impact of environmental pressures and the increasing trend for re-use within the sector. However, as PE sacks have gained such wide acceptance and are used in a variety of applications, the sector is expected to continue to remian the second largest in the plastics packaging market over the next five years.


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