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Marbach unveils new reverse cutting technology for packaging applications

Marbach has introduced new reverse cutting technology, which can be used in paperboard or corrugated board packaging applications.

Reverse cutting technology is said to offer paperboard or corrugated board packaging with a tear-off feature. It includes complete dust resistance and opening features that can be opened and sealed easily.

The new height-adjustable anvil will enable customers to adjust anvil height of the cutting-die on their own as per the requirement.

Marbach’s new technology uses an aluminum block, which is granulated for perfect shape. Its exact height is based on the thickness of the die-cut material.

The aluminum block will not be inserted into a laser cut contour in its complete height that is usually observed in conventional solutions, while it will be inserted in a height minus the die-board thickness and screwed onto the cutting-die from above.

Foils are positioned beneath the anvil, which can be adjusted in its height rapidly through removing or adding the foils.

Marbach marketing manager Tina Dosts said: “When using the reverse cutting technology, highest precision is vital for optimal function. Because in reverse cutting the board is scribed on both sides – from the inside and outside of the package.

“This task becomes more difficult the thinner the paperboard is. With our new, height-adjustable anvil our customers can now save make-ready time and achieve more consistent results.

“In this way our customers can set-up their tool in the die-cutting machine much more quickly and precisely than with the conventional reverse cutting technology.”

Image: Marbach’s new reverse cutting technology can be used in paperboard or corrugated board packaging applications. Photo: courtesy of Marbach Group.