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Marbach offers different formats for digital zone levelling technology

Marbach is offering different formats for its digital zone levelling technology, which it showcased at last year's Drupa event in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The company equipped more than 150 die-cutting machines with the technology.

The technology was initially available in 102-106 format. It is now being offered it in the formats 76, 102-106 and 142-145.

Marbach, which is also working on formats 130 and 162, said wear and tear will be carried out during the production process of a die-cutting machine.

Worn-out areas must be filled up with make-ready paper when setting-up every single order, the company said.

The new digital zone levelling technology makes the process easy as one yime implementation of zone make-ready will last various months.

An operator makes an impression of the machine using a standardised procedure and Marbach will then produce a new, modified cover plate for the make-ready sheet, for each and every machine. This can level out height deviations of the cutting platen. Hence, the area make-ready for each and every single tool is no longer applicable.

Marbach developer Sascha Wormser said: “We are very happy with the success of digital zone levelling. More than 150 customers have ordered it since drupa. The feedback has been positive throughout. According to our customers, the make-ready time savings through digital zone levelling lies around 30-50%. With this saved time, customers can produce other jobs. A significant increase in productivity.”

Some of the company's customers have already equipped all of their machines with digital zone levelling because of the high productivity gains.

Wormser continued: “When the customers use digital zone levelling and when supplemented with our mpower|+ technology the time-savings are even higher. Make-ready free die-cutting is now very close to possible.”


Image: Marbach introduced new digital zone levelling for die-cutting machines. Photo: Courtesy of Marbach Group.