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Making Hearts Melt: Chinese Chocolate Printing Craze Wrapped-Up in ‘Cocoa’

Making Hearts Melt: Chinese Chocolate Printing Craze Wrapped-Up in ‘Cocoa’

12 Feb 2015

Making Hearts Melt: Chinese Chocolate Printing Craze Wrapped-Up in ‘Cocoa’

3D printing has delivered spare parts to the International Space Station, concept cars and now delicious, personalised Valentine’s Day gifts. Few things can say ‘I love you’ like an image of your loved one perfectly printed in dark, milk and white chocolate, quite literally having the ability to make each other melt.

Chinese company, Wolfson have conquered the limitations of chocolate’s liquid tendencies to create a printer capable of producing fine images using nothing but the sweet stuff. This year they will be offering beautifully boxed, personalised portraits as gifts under the brand name ‘Euler’s Rose’.

The company, founded by graduates of the University of Cambridge, returned to the UK in search of the ideal packaging for their innovative product, deciding on James Cropper’s Cocoa papers for the in-box wrapping – a paper itself produced by recycling the cocoa shells discarded during chocolate’s production.

Developed in collaboration with international cocoa trade supplier, Barry Callebaut and launched in 2013, Cocoa is part of James Cropper’s wide range of papers developed with sustainability-conscious customers front of mind. The ‘Cocoa Shell’ colour variant of the naturally pigmented stock for the chocolate photograph’s protective wrapper contrasts with the deep red tone of the outer box made of Colorplan Scarlet from G . F Smith.

The precarious science of printing with chocolate involves bringing the three shades of confectionery to temperatures between 34c and 38c, after which point they will become too runny to form an accurate image.

Chris Brown, Commercial Director, said: "It took James Cropper’s development team numerous trials to master the ability to incorporate cocoa shell powder into a paper that was ready for printing, food contact and it’s numerous other uses, but the perseverance paid off. We’re delighted that similarly tenacious and innovative entrepreneurs in China have found such a good use for the papers, and hope those who give and receive these gifts find a lifetime of happiness together."

The luxurious gift box with gold foil print says ‘Euler’s Rose’ – a name drawn from a fable concerning two lovers, re-united over such a chocolate gift – and the great physicist, Albert Einstein’s famous quote: "Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love."

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