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Lumson Chose to be GREEN

Lumson Chose to be GREEN

23 Feb 2015

Lumson Chose to be GREEN

GREEN PE is a material chemically identical to polyethylene, its Green credentials are characterized by the different manufacturing process: Green PE is produced from ethanol sugarcane, which is a renewable raw material, while the traditional polyethylene uses fossil sourced raw material such as oil or natural gas.
This system of production Green PE captures and fix es CO2 from the atmosphere during its manufacture, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emission.
Considering the complete supply chain, it removes up to 2.5 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere for each ton produced.

GREEN PE is a polyethylene made by bio-polymers (natural polymers), constituent component characteristic of living organism. They are basically polysaccharides (i.e., cellulose, amylum, glycogen) and proteins (i.e., gluten, collagen, enzyme). The growing interest about bio-polymers isn’t only for the environmental consideration, but also due to the increasing market sensitivity to issues related to waste recycling and possible increase in prices of petroleum products, besides it is encouraged and mandated by law.

Learn about the characteristics that make the GREEN PE an innovative biopolymer: reduces greenhouse gas emissions (each ton of Green PE produced, captures and locks away CO2 from the atmosphere).
Renewable resource: sugarcane ethanol is a renewable source.
Recyclable: it’s recyclable in the same chain used for re cycling traditional polyethylene from fossil source.

GREEN PE has the same technical properties, appearance and versatility of traditional fossil sourced polyethylene. The applications are vast as Polyethylene is the most widely used type of plastic in the world, especially by the auto motive industry and manufacturers of cosmetics, packaging, toys, personal care/hygiene and clearing products.

By using GREEN PE, you can obtain the Certification "OK biobased" from the Belgian company Vinçotte, a global reference in the renewable content assessment. Samples from the High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) families were evaluated, with the entire line receiving the maximum rating of four stars for its proven renewable content.

Lumson is a packaging supplier to the personal care and cosmetics industries.