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London’s Fourpure Brewing invests in Linx 8900 continuous ink jet technology

London-based Fourpure Brewing has invested in Linx 8900 continuous ink jet (CIJ) printer for use in coding of primary and secondary packaging applications.

Linx 8900 CIJ printer can print three lines of code onto the base of aluminium cans. Later, Linx TJ725 thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer will be used for providing product information text and barcode on the packed boxes.

The 8900 CIJ printer can produce codes on 12,000 cans per hour, while Linx TJ725 holds capacity to code 20 boxes per minute.

Linx 8900 CIJ system will print codes vertically against gravity.

Linx Black fast-drying ink 1240 will be used on the Linx 8900 to handle with challenging filling conditions such as dampness, humidity and water vapour and provide enhanced adhesion and quality codes.

Linx8900 system includes autoflush system that cleans the printhead, and active cartridge care system to decelerate the nozzle drying process.

Both Linx printers feature advanced touch screens for easy set-up and product changeovers.

Linx 8900 includes cartridge system that can change fluids quickly, while Linx TJ725 comprises replaceable ink cartridge with integral printhead that can be removed and replaced in few seconds.

In July, Linx launched a new aser marking solution, which the company cliams will meet the highest quality codes on ultra-fast bottling lines for maximizing productivity.

The Linx CSL60 laser combines a processor and 60W laser tube with Linx’s Visicode system to produce crisp, clear codes on difficult-to-mark materials like glass and PET at high speeds.

The integration will enable beverage manufacturers to satisfy the demand of customers by delivering clear codes on glass and PET at high speeds.

Fourpure Brewing produces various beer products, including Adventure, Flaghip, Pioneer and Outpost.