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LOG Pharma to display ActiveGuard packaging solutions at Pharmapack 2018 event

LOG Pharma Packaging is planning to display its ActiveGuard packaging solutions at the Pharmapack 2018 event, which is scheduled to be held from 7-8 February in Paris, France.

The ActiveGuard has been designed to provide user friendly packaging solution for moisture-sensitive formulations.

The patent pending line of ActiveGuard solutions, which benefits to patients, formulators and packaging developers, is prefilled with moisture desiccants and/or oxygen absorbers as per the customer requirements.

LOG Pharma said that the patient-centric packaging solution is placed firmly in the neck of the firm’s specially designed barrier bottles.

In addition to eliminating the need for desiccant sachets or canisters, the ActiveGuard solution allows controlled dispensing of tablets. It also removes the risk of accidental swallowing as identified by European Union EU regulation (EMA/606103/2014).

LOG Pharma Packaging CEO Ephraim Ulmer said: "ActiveGuard is at the forefront of innovative pharmaceutical packaging applying a patient-centric approach to packaging, while meeting the most stringent market and regulatory demands in the pharma industry.

“Our customers have total confidence in our products, knowing that LOG's quality system ensures integrity, consistency and transparency ? without compromise.”

In order to hermetically close the bottle and provide a tamper-proof seal, the new solution allows the use of an induction heat seal liner, the company said.

LOG said that ActiveGuard, in combination with the company’s MonoBlock i-Series bottles, provides a complete packaging solution for moisture sensitive formulations.

LOG Pharma Packaging is engaged in providing primary packaging solutions including active and passive barrier solutions to meet the growing demand for protection of pharmaceutical formulations that are sensitive to moisture and/or oxygen.

Image: Illustration of the LOG Pharma Packaging’s ActiveGuard packaging solution. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsfoto/LOG Pharma Packaging.