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Linx Printing Technologies launches new laser marking solution

Linx Printing Technologies has launched a new laser marking solution, which the company cliams will meet the highest quality codes on ultra-fast bottling lines for maximizing productivity.

The Linx CSL60 laser combines a processor and 60W laser tube with Linx’s Visicode system to produce crisp, clear codes on difficult-to-mark materials like glass and PET at high speeds.

The integration will enable beverage manufacturers to satisfy the demand of customers by delivering clear codes on glass and PET at high speeds.

Linx Printing has introduced a new laser marking solution to increase productivity by offering quality codes on ultra-fast bottling lines.

The processor has the potential to transfer messages from control unit to the marking head at a speed of 70000 bottles per hour.

The Linx CSL60 also offers Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by supporting production line efficiencies. It also provides 25 various head and lens choices, and over 16,000 combinations of lens, marking heads and tubes.

The various options provide the flexibility to be customized as per the requirements of the customers to the laser, that will enable to extend the durability of the equipment.

The Linx CSL60 offers SHC150c head option to provide larger marking field, versatility for the marking of wide web applications and coding of products across multiple lanes.

The laser is made to combine existing bottling and labelling equipment, and also has air-cooled operation that further minimises the cost of operation.

Linx Printing Technologies laser business manager Matt Eastham said: “In competitive beverage markets, meeting compliance requirements and ensuring your brand is fully protected are vital, but neither quality nor productivity can be sacrificed in achieving these.

“The Linx CSL60 has been specifically designed to satisfy these needs, combining the fastest speeds with superior quality codes.”