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Large format hologram solution

British hologram specialist Spatial Imaging has won the International Hologram Manufacturers Association’s Awards of Excellence 2004 ‘Best of the Year’ award for the second year in a row. The award for ‘Best New Holographic Technique’ was for the development of the Lightspeed DHP (digital hologram printer). Described at the award ceremony as a ‘quantum’ leap in holographic technology, the Lightspeed DHP can produce single image holograms and seamless holographic patterns up to 610x610mm or larger, providing a solution to large format printing of holograms for packaging and promotional material.

Rob Munday, founder and managing director of Spatial Imaging, explains: “The Lightspeed DHP will solve the major fundamental limitations of using recombined holographic images or ganged-up shims with seams or join lines for printing wide web holographic patterns. No current ‘seamless’ techniques are truly seamless; therefore, the only solution was to develop a digital holographic printer to make a single large format master hologram bigger than the area required for any given piece of packaging or promotional material including magazine covers.”

The Lightspeed DHP is capable of operating at speeds in excess of 2,000 pixels/s to give high resolutions up to and above 2,000dpi. To obtain the maximum hologram brightness and to make possible various covert holographic security features, it can produce pixels of any shape.



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