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Kleincepts’ reusable packaging technology to reduce waste from plastic water bottles

Kleincepts has unveiled a new patented container coupling technology, which enables to reduce waste generated by plastic water bottles.

The new container coupling technology, dubbed the Eco Connect Bottle System, uses a recess molded into the bottle base, which allows the empty bottles to steadily connect to each other.

It helps to prepare multiple household items such as tables, desks, toys, storage cubes and trash bins, as well as building insulation.

The Eco Connect Bottler system is said to support the circular economy and extended producer responsibility.

Learning Store founder Steven Klein has developed the new concept, which allows to re-use or recycle the bottles.

Klein said: “The Eco Connect Bottle System will add value to empty water bottles similar to the way the smart phone added value to cell phones.

“I truly believe this added value will be a determining factor when consumers choose which water brand they are going to purchase.”

With 30,000 machines installed in around 190 countries, the bottles will be produced for participating water brands under an exclusive partnership with PET liquid packaging solutions provider.

Water brands can convert their currently operating machines to produce vacuum seal base recess for the Eco Connect Bottle system.

In 2007, Kleincepts was incorporated to develop the Eco Connect Bottle system, anew concept to re-purpose empty water bottles.

The container coupling system secured patents in 2009 and 2010, while a trial was completed to produce Eco Connect Bottles in high-speed PET bottle blowing machines in 2015.

Image: Examples of Eco Connect Bottle system constructions. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsFoto / Eco Connect Bottle System.