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InventHelp launches new specialty label to protect medical identity

InventHelp launches ZapStrips, a new strip designed to wrap around a prescription bottle label and erase all of the printed information.

The bottle is cleared of private, personal information, and the user is no longer vulnerable to medical identity theft.

Identity theft has long been a common crime, and these thieves will go to any lengths to steal someone's identity. Citizens have to be on guard and one step ahead for the best protection. ZapStrips take a clever approach to medical identity theft by actually erasing the private information from prescription bottles. When prescription bottles are thrown out or recycled, no one is susceptible to identify theft. ZapStrips are also ideal for users when traveling.

ZapStrips are 2" x 5" strips of proprietary material that look and feel like paper. Each adhesive strip easily wraps over the existing prescription label. Ink-erasing technology is heat-activated by a microwave oven. To use: pull the tabs on the back to expose the adhesive strips. Wrap ZapStrips tightly around the bottle labels. Place it in a microwave on high setting for 10 seconds, and the original label content disappears. Use with thermally printed labels only. Consult pharmacist. Suggested retail price: $3.49, plus shipping and handling.