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Innovative lid lifts yoghurt

RPC Bebo Plastik’s innovative Softline lid, utilising the Bebo Print pre-printing technique – has brought visual impact to a range of yoghurt dips from THOMY®.

Softline prints onto the reel before thermoforming to enable decoration to the very edge of the rim. Combined with the curved design of the lid this can help to increase the impression of the pack’s size. Thermoformed in PS, the lid used for the range features photo-realistic reproduction of THOMY®’s colourful, contemporary graphics.

Launched last December in Switzerland, THOMY® Dip comprises four flavours – Yogo-Cocktail, Yogo-Garlic, Yogo-Curry and Yogo-Tartare. Packaged in a convenient plastic tub, THOMY wanted to maximize its impact on consumers’ appetites – from purchase to consumption – with an eye-catching lid design.

“In comparison with the transparent dome lids commonly used for this type of product, Softline delivers enhanced visual appeal thanks to its ‘permanent branding’ and far larger decorative area,” comments Detlef Schattner, Thomy Vevey product manager, marketing.