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Inci.Flex installs Esko’ CDI flexo plate production system

Italy-based Inci.Flex has installed Esko’s new CDI Crystal 5080 XPS flexo plate production system to enhance quality and production capacity.

The new CDI Crystal 5080 XPS solution has been developed to achieve complete automation of the plate production process. It helps to reduce human error, as well as to enhance productivity or plate making operation.

 Esko’s CDI Crystal 5080 XPS flexo plate production will decrease the complexity in the plate room, enabling to increase production of flexo printing plates.

The plate will be shifted automatically to the exposure unit, after imaging the plate on the CDI Crystal 5080.

The simultaneous back and front exposure of the flexo printing plate is said to use UV LED heads for precise and better plate consistency.

According to Esko, the combined solution needs fewer manual steps and thus contributes higher productivity with 35% less operator time needed to process a plate compared to competitive solutions.

Inci.Flex managing director Enzo Consalvo said: “We already have two CDI Spark 5080s with Full HD Flexo, a Kongsberg XN 22 cutting table with the Digital Flexo Suite, as well as the entire state of the art prepress software solution from Esko (including PackEdge, ArtPro, Plato, DeskPack, Studio, Automation Engine, Imaging Engine and Color Engine).

Esko flexo business director Pascal Thomas said: “We are delighted they again trusted Esko to implement the new CDI Crystal 5080 XPS flexo plate production solution, making their company a showcase of the benefits of an end-to-end Esko workflow.”

Based in Fisciano, Inci.Flex operates flexo and gravure prepress business to provide services for the customers.

The company produces plates to print flexible packaging and labels for the food and beverage industries, in addition to other sectors.