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Ilapak unveils pouch maker and high speed bar wrapping line at Interpack

Ilapak has introduced the Lux 24 pouch maker for the first time in Interpack this month along with a high speed bar wrapping line for the confectionery industry.

The Lux 24 horizontal pouch maker is claimed to be the first in the world to enable continuous motion filling. Thereby, it is said to double the speeds recorded by its closest rivals.

Ilapak says that by using the Lux 24 horizontal pouch maker, chocolate and confectionery manufacturers can turn flat film stock into attractive stand-up doy packs at speeds that are otherwise only possible for lower quality, more basic bag styles.

The flow wrapper’s capabilities of 200 pouch-per-minute will be shown on granola which in turn will be packing into stand-up pouches in the Doypack-style having reclosable zippers.

Through a WA-24 multihead weigher, the Lux 24 pouch maker will be fed. This, as per Ilapak will be done in a smooth execution that could just as effortlessly accommodate trail mix, hard and soft candies, wrapped and loose chocolates, and cereals.

Ilapak Lux 24 product manager Andrea Mathias Pierini said: “Essentially we are using four cycles of the machine to dose the product rather than using half of a cycle as happens on an intermittent machine. This filling technique is what enables the machine to run at speeds of up to 200ppm.”

Apart from the Lux 24 pouch maker, Ilapak will demonstrate its high speed bar wrapping line dubbed as SF600.

Its subsidiary, Delta Systems will demonstrate to confectionery industry customers the group’s full line integration capabilities including the SF600 high speed flow wrapping line which is based on innovative shuttle feeding technology.

The SF600 unit comprises a shuttling take-away belt for transferring items like enrobed chocolate bars or granola bars to a flow wrapper from a wide band conveyor at speeds of up to 600 per minute. All this, Ilapak says is carried out without any risk of damage to the items.