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Ilapak to present new Delta 6000 3SS C machine at Anuga Foodtec 2018 event

Ilapak is planning to showcase the new Delta 6000 3SS C (Side Seal) machine at the Anuga Foodtec 2018 event to be held in Gernamy.

Ilapak is using Anuga Foodtec (Hall 7.1 Stand A048) as the food industry launch-pad for the new Delta 6000 3SS C (Side Seal), which gives cheese producers the option to produce two different formats – pillow bags and three side seal bags – on the same machine.

“In the US and UK markets in particular, there is a strong and growing trend towards packing blocks of hard cheese in stand-up Doy style pouches with reclosable zippers. However, most cheese producers and packers still want to be able to produce conventional pillow packs, and running off both formats on the same machine has historically meant compromising on pack presentation,” explains Ilapak product manager Luca Somaini.

The answer to this dilemma has come in the form of the Delta 6000 3SS C, which incorporates two different longitudinal sealing systems, giving superior presentation versus flow wrappers that use the same sealing element configuration for producing different designs.

“The new Delta 6000 3SS C has a sealing system dedicated to each pack style, which not only improves pack quality, but has also made the system more reliable, more stable and more efficient,” says Luca.

It takes just a couple of minutes to switch from one bag style to the other; the fully automatic changeover is easily effected via the touch screen. In 3SS mode, the machine is capable of producing stand-up Doy style pouches with reclosable features and MAP at speeds of up to 130ppm, opening up new presentation possibilities for cheese portions.

Besides offering superior format flexibility, the Delta 6000 3SS C offers complete IP65 protection, enabling full wash down capability, even of the sealing elements. Its ultra-hygienic design has been achieved through full stainless steel execution, isolating the electrical cabinet from the main machine frame and smooth, angled surfaces without recesses.