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Hybrid closure has high performance

Following US success Crown Closures Europe is now offering the Continent’s food and beverage processors a composite closure which it says combines metal and plastics’ characteristics to provide superior barrier performance, easier opening and “exceptional” brand differentiation.

Suitable for glass and plastic containers, and able to run on most modern in-line capping equipment, the IDEAL is a hybrid of a plastisol-lined metal disk. It forms an airtight seal against oxygen and an easy-opening plastic band featuring a perforated “drop down” section, which breaks before the seal is broken to provide clear tamper evidence.

The IDEAL is suitable for multiple filling processes including hot fill, cold fill, dry seal, pasteurisation and retort and can be made in various sizes.

Crown Closures Europe has simultaneously launched the SuperPlus closure for glass packaging, featuring a bi-material moulded insert, which it claims “brings an entirely new level of food safety, flexibility and tamper evidence to the food sector”.

SuperPlus closures run on the same high speed capping equipment as Crown’s PT and PT+ closures, work with the same glass finish and can be used for pasteurisation and sterilisation.