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Highcon increases speed for Euclid finishing systems

Israel-based Highcon has increased the productivity of its Euclid digital cutting and creasing system.

The system now has an effective speed increased by up to 40% for B2 sheets, reaching speeds of up to 2,750 sheets per hour.

Highcon has used a combination of software development and mechanical upgrades for the new Euclid machine and it claims that the new machine, when combined with its Productivity Boost package can extend Euclid platform’s capabilities.

It can allow customers to produce high end decorative work, along with regular die-cutting works with higher margins than ever before.

The productivity boost is applicable to Highcon Euclid III, Euclid IIIS and the numerous Euclid machines installed around the globe.

It can deliver the following improvement for B1 (106 cm / 42 in.) – from 1,500 to a maximum speed of 2,250 SPH – a 15%-20% improvement and B2 (76 cm / 29 in.) – from 2,000 to a maximum speed of 2,750 SPH – a 25%-40% improvement.

Highcon marketing vice president Eshchar Ben-Shitrit said: "Highcon customers can now compete profitably against analog finishing even on simple, repeat jobs as well as earning premium prices for special high end decoration enabled only by our technology.

“The amazing applications produced by Wihabo and Ilan Print are testament to both the capabilities of the technology as well as the extremely high level of responsiveness it enables.”

Highcon had recently showcased the Euclid platform at China Print 2017 held this May. The company is planning to expand its position in Asia, particularly in China and other countries such as Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam.