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IST Metz has developed the BLK-3 UV system, based on its established BLK-2 technology, with the latest URS reflector technology that allows increased production speeds in UV web offset printing.

Effective heat management is an important feature of high performance systems. Water cooling of the shutters, reflectors and housing is said to ensure that excess heat is removed efficiently from the BLK-3 system. An integrated air cooling system guarantees consistent operation of the UV lamp and removes small traces of ozone from the system, the company states.

The new system can be equipped with active charcoal filters to purify and cool the ozoneous exhaust air, which can then be recycled back into the print room. This design does not require any exhaust air ducting from the print room.

To ensure that the increased performance does not lead to an unnecessary increase in energy consumption, the BLK-3 can be fitted with ELC electronic control equipment.

The BLK-3 system is designed for use with UV measuring systems. The mobile UMS-2 UV measuring unit allows the user to control the production parameters and UV output, as required. The UV system is also designed for use with the latest Fast Lamp Change lamps, which reduce lamp changes to “a matter of seconds”.


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