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H.B. Fuller Connects Adhesive Innovation to UV Inspection System Technology

H.B. Fuller Connects Adhesive Innovation to UV Inspection System Technology

November 2014

H.B. Fuller Connects Adhesive Innovation to UV Inspection System Technology

H.B. Fuller has launched two new water-based adhesives, containing a UV fluorescing agent, developed to help corrugators who are investing to achieve zero defects in their production lines.

IpacollTM PWC 3107 I UV, the ideal choice for typical nozzle or jet applications, and Ipacoll WD 3930, designed for wheel-in-pot systems, are both specifically formulated with a UV indicator, ideally suited to work with Valco Melton’s ClearVision Camera Inspection Systems.

H.B. Fuller continues to match its product and process innovations to its customers’ critical needs, which in the case of these two high-performing products, includes offering consistently clean and effective performance, helping manufacturers optimise production efficiency by minimising adhesive-related downtime. Plus, both products show versatility with strong adhesion to a wide variety of typical case and carton materials.

In addition to increasing the choice and performance of products available to the industry, H.B. Fuller’s connection to UV inspection system technology reflects the company’s commitment to innovation, a critical consideration for packaging manufacturers. Partnering closely with customers, the company leverages its experience in solving a broad range of adhesion challenges to help manufacturers improve their products and production processes.

Stuart Jenkinson, business director, H.B. Fuller, says, "Demand to achieve zero-defect production continues to increase, as customers want high-quality products at competitive prices. High-tech equipment to eliminate manual processes is important, but adhesives play a fundamental role in delivering enhanced production, and meeting the changing demands of end users. With the launch of these exciting products, manufacturers can simply set their machine to run, and have confidence that it will continue without interruption from adhesive-related issues. Furthermore, the formulation of these adhesives has been closely tied to optimising performance with the camera detection system, which is vital to maximising the effect of this quality control technology."