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Guide to lean & green printing

The PrintCity Alliance’s new Print: Seen! Lean & Green industry reference book is available to order in printed form, in English or German.

The headline summarises PrintCity’s view of the future of print: “that it will be an evolving mix of multiple scenarios for different market segments, economies and cultures. However, all of them will have a common need for a 2-part strategy to optimise their success. Firstly, print must be seen, it needs to stand in its own right and be valued as a functional media. This needs to be underpinned with a combined lean and green manufacturing strategy to ensure its profitability and sustainability.”

To reflect this dual strategy, the alliance has chosen a 2-in-1 format that combines two related books into a single revolving “back-to-back” printed book. This book reflects the input from PrintCity members and associates, the Stuttgart Media University, FIPP, University of Swansea and Print Power.

Both printed and PDF versions of the book are available via the alliance’s website.

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