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Grafitalia and Converflex replace GEC

Centrexpo has decided to terminate its GEC show and focus exclusively on the Grafitalia/Converflex event. The company says its decision is based on the conclusions of a study conducted by Cermes-Bocconi on the positioning of the graphics and converting exhibition. This showed that the presence of Grafitalia/Converflex and GEC, which was established in 1959, “disorients the trade”.

Centrexpo says it also examined the difficult economic situation being experienced by the industry, and in agreement with trade associations Acimga, ARGI and Assografici decided to extend the intervals of time between the exhibitions. The dates for Grafitalia and Converflex have therefore beEN changed to May, 2006, and May, 2009, by postponing the date set for the October, 2005, event.

The next exhibition is therefore scheduled for May 9-13, 2006.


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