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Gerhard Schubertis to showcase yogurt cup packaging technology at Anuga FoodTec 2018

Gerhard Schubertis is set to exhibit its advanced yogurt cup packaging technology at this year’s Anuga FoodTec event in Germany to be held between 20 March to 23 March in Cologne.

At the event, the company will showcase a TLM system for packaging yogurt cups in flowpacks.

The system has Flowmodul flow-wrapping component, while 3D scanner in the system will help in maintaining the quality of the packaged products.

TLM system has capacity to process products at a speed of 60 cycles per minute, ensuring that the yogurt does not stick to the foil lid, which usually happens in higher cycles.

A 3D scanner installed on the line helps in detecting the yogurt cups with damaged or missing lids. It will also ensure the correct orientation of the yogurt cups in the flowpack.

The system is also integrated with five pick-and-place-robots that can place 300 products per minute into the Flowmodul feed chain. It can achieve an output of 150 flowpacks per minute.

The machine can automatically change flights for achieving different packing layouts for feeding the cups.

Gerhard also said that machine helps customers for packaging mixed packs in different combinations.

The second-generation Flowmodul helps in effectively handling small batch sizes and short product lifecycles.

Gerhard has deployed the TLM technology at Alois Müller dairy facility for secondary packaging of its products such as Corner Yogurt range.

TLM system also manufactures mixed packs for Corner Yogurt – mini, a product produced for children. The dual-chamber cups are joined together in pairs in a flowpack.

Gerhard Schubertis produces packaging machines for confectionery, food and beverages, pharmaceutical and pet food products.

Image: Gerhard Schubert’s TLM system for packaging yogurt cups in flowpacks. Photo: courtesy of Gerhard Schubert GmbH.