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From Norway to the UK

A range of converting equipment from Norwegian manufacturer Bragernes Maskin is now available in the UK from Isopak. It includes a base rewinder, a counter roll rewinder and a banderoller for paper, foil and plastics rolls. Different models are capable of converting paper from 25-120g/m2, and film from 25-75 micron. All machines are controlled from a central touchscreen panel, which has features for collection of alarms and error messages as well as diagrams to point operators in the direction of any problem. Most machines have a production monitoring system showing as a diagram the production speed over a selected period of time. And as an option models can be connected to a printer or a PC to collect production data. Operator friendliness and serviceability are claimed to be two of the keynote strengths.

The automatic counter roll rewinder, the BM 1050, can handle materials from 18 micron (70 gauge) OPP foil to 100g/m2 heavy paper. It uses the centre winding principle and automatically cuts to length, discharges the finished roll, loads new cores and restarts the web without using glue. It can tackle a range of products from giftwrap paper and foils to inkjet paper, self adhesive films and printing foils. The banderoller has been designed to close rolls produced by the counter roll rewinder. On the core feeder, PLC controlled servomotors replace the usual air cylinders. And the board sheet feeder, designed to produce rolls “with core-like appearance” on the BM 1005 rewinder, also incorporates the latest PLC technology and servo systems to measure length and to position the sheet correctly in the roll.

Isopak Ltd is also a distributor of Italian based manufacturer Rotomac’s machines in the UK, and the sole UK distributor of the Dott Bonapace range of tablet presses, blistering units, and capsule processing and filling equipment.


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