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FractureCode and DataLase enter a partnership

DataLase, originator of the DateLase process, has partnered with FractureCode Corporation in order to offer item-level coding and track & trace systems for individual products.

The FractureCode track & trace technology is traditionally generated using conventional rotary printing processes such as gravure and flexo. However, the Datalase process can now be used to image the track & trace technology onto individual products without the need of such conventional printing processes.

The FractureCode system features a unique symbology containing a unique non-sequential code, providing a secure field readable technology that enables authentication of individual products or documents containing the code.

The DataLase process features a patented ink that changes colour on exposure to a low power laser during the production of products and documents. The image can be embedded into laminated materials or under the surface of plastic films creating a tamper proof result.

“We are extremely excited to be able to offer our technology to a wider audience as a result of working with DataLase,” said Jacob Götzsche, managing director of FractureCode. “Our process is already extremely flexible and this will offer even more organizations access to our track and trace solution.”

Trevor Wilson, VP business development at DataLase said: “FractureCode is a very innovative solution for tracking products throughout the supply chain, and as such is a perfect complement to our DataLase process.”