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FPI urges UK government to reinvest raised packaging taxes into recycling process

The Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA) and its members welcomed the Government’s commitment to tackling the environmental impact of packaging and plastics and called for all taxes raised to be directed to increasing recycling and reducing litter.

Speakers from Greenpeace, the Green Alliance and WRAP all referenced producer reform and acknowledged reforming this system should play a significant role in the Government’s review of packaging taxes or charges.   Professor Margaret Bates, University of Northampton, also referenced consumer behaviour and that packaging, its use and disposal, is everyone’s responsibility and that in this debate, we should not lose sight of the positive role that packaging plays in our society.

Lord Deben, who closed the Seminar, emphasised that reform through the PRN systems would be fast, effective and cost less than levying new taxes or charges.  He said: “The PRN system has worked well but is overdue for reform.   We can use this opportunity to great effectiveness and use the money collected to create a fund to do two things.  Firstly to create a resource for local authorities to bid for, so that they can create infrastructure for on-the-go collection and recycling, particularly in town centres, leisure facilities and places of natural beauty.  Secondly, to kick start recycling facilities, because we are going to need more facilities to cope with increased recycling and we need consistent infrastructure and labelling.”

Executive Director of the FPA, Martin Kersh said: “The FPA has been leading the drive for PRN reform for some time now it is good to see that other organisations are now embracing this as the channel for increasing recovery of use packaging, increasing recycling and impacting on litter.  With this reform, all taxes and charges can be channelled indirectly, without the need for a cup tax, DRS or a tax on single use plastic.   We are also calling for national standardisation of recovery and recycling materials to make things simpler and easier for the consumer to understand.

With packaging high on the political and media agendas, it was no surprise that we had more than 200 members attend the seminar, a record attendance.  It is a reflection of the seriousness with which the industry takes this subject that we attracted such high level speakers including, in addition to those above, Coca-Cola, RECOUP, WRAP, the  Bio-based and Biodegradable Industries Association (BBIA) and Organics Recycling Group.”