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Finishing folder from Kama

Dresden based Kama has developed a folder gluer, designed to work with any of the company’s die cutters, that transforms the diecut, creased and printed product into any one of a wide range of formats: presentation and sales folders, folded brochures, ticket pockets and envelopes, as well as CD and DVD pockets.

The ProFold 74 can fold and glue a large range of sizes and forms of pockets and envelopes with various flaps in one run. Even capacity folders or slip cases can be produced – and the machine can use pick-and-place devices for inserts, samples or business cards.

“It is unbelievable, how much folding and gluing is carried out by hand in post-press production, even today,” says Marcus Tralau, Kama’s ceo, who brought the idea for the finishing folder back from a business trip to the USA. “Today, every offer is handed over in a good-looking folder, regardless of whether it is for a car, a lawn mower or an insurance policy. But despite the great demand, there was no machine that was able to handle the further processing.” His answer is the ProFold 74.

The new machine can be used for automated folding, gluing, pressing, making capacity folders and for dispensing inserts of all kinds. It includes a blank feeder, transport module with pressure rollers, tool mounting system and control unit, as well as the delivery unit, yet is compact (5.5m long and 1m wide) and can process sheet sizes up to 740 x 740mm.

As with Kama’s die cutters, the new machine is said to be suitable for a wide range of applications, as the tools for folding and gluing can be arranged in any sequence.

“The necessary configuration can be easily and quickly set up thanks to the clearly structured design of the tool mounting grid,” explains head of machine development Bernd Herfurth. “Precise positioning along the horizontal axis is no longer a time consuming task because the tools are attached to a precision grid system which automatically places them so that they correspond to the transport system.”

Kama has applied for a patent for the tool mounting grid system.

A further special feature is the feed board: with two suction belts, the blanks are precisely fed into the machine and it is possible to run a continuous feed without any need for stopping the operation. The new system also offers a wide range of tools including top and bottom folding pockets, small and large plough folding devices, a hotmelt gumming unit plus a folding and gluing device for capacity folders.

The PLC control has eight channels plus extension options and integrates the gluing system, so there is no need for a separate control unit for the gluing nozzles.

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