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Film for compostable bags and packaging

Sweden’s Billerud Tenova Bioplastics has linked with Telles, a US-base joint venture of Metabolix, and Archer Daniels Midland Co, to launch a commercial line of bio-based films. Mirel P5001, a compostable, high biobased film grade resin, will be used to develop a new line of compostable bags and packaging across Europe.

Mirel P5001 was tested to ASTM D7081 standard specification for biodegradation in marine environment by the US Army, which concluded that it is fully marine biodegradable. Organics Waste Systems (OWS), Belgium, tested the resin per ASTM D5511 for anaerobic biodegradation and found that it achieved 100% biodegradation in 15 days.

Mirel P5001 is also BPI certified to ASTM D6400 and Vinçotte certified to EN 13432 standards for compostable plastics, Vinçotte certified for OK Soil Biodegradable in natural soil and OK Water Biodegradable in fresh water. Good puncture toughness, tear resistance and seal strength, good printability, and shelf stability are claimed; and it will process on both cast and blown film extruder lines.

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