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Fasson labelstock gains user approval

Italian label converter Maer and its customer international home care products brand owner Bolton Manitoba are said to be “highly satisfied” with field trials using the new Fasson Lean Film selfadhesive labelstock, from Avery Dennison.

The two Italian companies, both based in Nova Milanese, near Milan, agreed to participate in field trials of the film, which is claimed to save time and cost – in terms of reel changes or splices – for both end user and label converter. A co-extrusion of a machine direction oriented polyolefin blend, this special facefilm, at a caliper of just 53 micron, is said to give a significant improvement in the number of printed labels per converted reel of labelstock..

Following their converting and label application trial with Fasson Lean Film, Maer and Bolton Manitoba were unanimous in their favourableopinion. Mario Giulianini, Maer’s key account sales representative: “We are highly satisfied with the characteristics of Fasson Lean Film. The longer reels helped us to save time and increase productivity. Every reel splice means five to 10 minutes’ downtime, which may not seem much, but it adds up over time. The film performed outstandingly well in comparison to generic PE, particularly in its perfect on-press registration.”

He adds: “The stability of the material allowed us to increase our converting speed to 70m/min, compared with the 50m/min we can achieve using generic PE film”.

Bolton Manitoba’s spokesman summed up the company’s experience with the dispensing trial: “When we switched from running generic PE film to Fasson Lean Film, we made no major adjustments to the label dispensing line – and we got a result that ranked among the best. Even though it was just a test run, there were no issues. The asymmetric labels did not lose any conformability, even on the slightly curved and not completely smooth containers.

“Additionally, in our post application tests on ageing and conditioning, the material performed normally. Based on these trials, we see a lot of potential for the Fasson Lean Film range.”


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