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Extending the shelf-life of case-ready meats

With retailers increasingly stocking case-ready meats, Multisorb Technologies has launched a system it says extends such products’ shelf life by up to 30 days, “double that of comparable packaging alternatives”, while preserving the meat’s colour.

The FreshPax CR system, designed to enable meat producers to expand distribution networks and offer branded, display-ready products to a broader spectrum of retailers, is also suitable for shrinkwrapped foam tray use. Suited to low-oxygen MAP packaging, it addresses “the primary threat” to packaged meats’ shelf-life – oxidation. Oxygen scavengers are used alongside vacuum and back flush systems to absorb the residual oxygen which can adversely affect flavour, aroma and appearance. Specially formulated to work in a chilled environment, the scavengers “rapidly reduce oxygen levels to 0.01%, effectively inhibiting oxidative degradation”. Once at the retailer individual meat cases are removed and allowed to re-bloom, ensuing an appealing red colour. The meat is then placed on-shelf as if cut and wrapped on-site.

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T: +44(0)1925 839960

Multisorb says the FreshPax CR low oxygen MAP system can be optimally sized to each retailer’s case-ready application