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Environment First: Sleever International revolutionizes the recycling of PET bottles with the LDPET solution

Environment First: Sleever International revolutionizes the recycling of PET bottles with the LDPET solution

23 Jan 2015

Environment First: Sleever International revolutionizes the recycling of PET bottles with the LDPET solution

Launched in 2014 after 5 years of research and development, the LDPET solution proposed by Sleever International distinguished itself as a major innovation during the Emballage 2014 packaging exhibition. This solution, the first one to allow bottles decorated with either a total or a partial sleeve to be treated and recycled to produce new bottles, was highlighted in the Pack Innovation selection and awarded the « Oscar de l’Emballage » within the environment category.


A genuine technological revolution :

The LDPET solution permits 100% recycling of sleeved bottles while producing a completely pure recycled resin, a prerequisite for the manufacturing of new bottles.

Developed using several technological platforms of Sleever International, this breakthrough was made possible thanks to two major innovations:

The SI-TPEG/050 ZL film, which shows a spectrum recognized by infrared detection systems as being the same as PET, and a specific gravity below 1 which allows easy sorting via a floatation tank.

A unique printing process, which ensures that the specific non-bleeding inks attach perfectly to the sleeve during separation processes.

As a result of these two innovations, the LDPET sleeve allows you to :

  • Eliminate bottle rejection at the optical sorting stage : any bottle decorated with an LDPET sleeve (be it total or partial) will be oriented, with no exception, towards the PET recycling channel.
  • Produce a completely pure recycled resin : no more pollution risk due to ink migration or imperfect sorting. Inks remain trapped in the flakes of sleeve which float to the surface of settling tanks, while PET flakes sink to the bottom.

With the LDPET sleeve, recyclers benefit for the first time from a solution that allows the systematic bottle-to-bottle recovery of PET bottles.


A true environmental benefit for brands

The LDPET sleeve is a real step forward in terms of sustainable development for beverage manufacturers who can now produce new bottles from used ones, whatever the decorating solution chosen (partial or total LDPET sleeve).


SleeverCombisteam-LDPET : an optimal solution in production

Although the LDPET sleeve can be integrated perfectly on existing equipment, its implementation with the SleeverCombisteam-LDPET will offer higher production outputs.

The SleeverCombisteam-LDPET allows total or partial decoration of bottles ranging from 20 cl up to 2 liters, with two models enabling to follow outputs between 8 000 and 12 000 or between 15 000 and 30 000 bottles per hour.

The LDPET : a bottle-to-bottle solution approved by the main American recycling association

The LDPET sleeve has just been approved by the APR (Association of Plastic Postconsumer Recyclers) to be used in the bottle to bottle channel. This highly demanding professional association represents today 90% of the North American recycling capacity.

If the LDPET sleeve is of utmost interest for beverage manufacturers, who are key players in the PET sector, it also offers new opportunities to all manufacturers of household products, cosmetics and solid food products. No doubt therefore that it will draw the attention of all those who are willing to reinforce their actions in favour of the environment.

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