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Emballage provide preview of Innovation Awards winners 2014

Emballage provide preview of Innovation Awards winners 2014

November 2014

Emballage provide preview of Innovation Awards winners 2014

11 innovations distinguished among 215 new products submitted

Among the 215 new products entered by exhibitors, 92 were selected by packaging professionals (journalists, experts and designers)

48 new products were singled out by a trade press jury for display in the PACK INNOVATION area. Among these products, 11 attracted the attention of the Pack Experts committee members.
8 INNOVATION AWARDS and 3 SPECIAL PRIZES were given as a result of their innovative aspects considered as self-evident in 3 categories:

  1. Raw Materials & Consumables, Components & Accessories and Packaging & Containers
  2. Packaging Machines, Systems & Equipment
  3. Packaging & Intralogistics Services

The 2014 innovations selection grid produced by the PACK EXPERTS committee members is based on the client benefits acquired through the following: economic value – price, cost and re-use; functional value – perception, usage and interaction: and environmental value – the reduction, renewability and recyclability of the packaging and equipment submitted. The majority of finalists were innovations whose value focuses on functionality (52%). Economic value was claimed to be of importance for 26% of the innovations submitted. Environmental value constitutes 14% of submissions.

Raw Materials & Consumables, Components & Accessories and Packaging & Containers category

TAB Tray was created to make the gesture of gripping a lid easier by placing a ring at the edge of the tray. Opening is simple and intuitive for everyone. This responds to consumer demands for convenience, safety and rapidity.
The Committee’s opinion: an intuitive opening system, based on common sense, which helps to deal with the problems encountered by an aging population.

Leygapack is a flexible 1-20 litre pouch with handles and a stopper, which requires minimum storage space, reduces costs, materials and waste, and is easy to use with any type of fluid. This provides an alternative to rigid packaging.
The Committee’s opinion: new primary packaging reducing the quantity of materials used, facilitating transport and B2B logistics. The cubic form optimizes pallet loading.

CVP CREATIVE VISION OF PACKAGING Hot & cold microwaveable meal
A special label, incorporated into this modular microwaveable packaging during production, enables the intensity of microwave energy required to be controlled (ranging from 0 to 100%) so that each ingredient packed reaches its optimum temperature. The tray composed therefore enables a ready-prepared meal with hot and cold ingredients to be provided.
The Committee’s opinion: safety and temperature control for a meal tray adapted to different eating times, for foodservice where handling is eliminated and for home delivery of meals to the elderly.

STIPLASTICS Automated tablet and granule counter
The new Stiplastics system delivers the exact number of tablets or granules required: 1 by 1, 2 by 2 or 3 by 3. The medicines are never jammed inside the system, which also allows for simultaneous distribution of two products of similar shape and dimensions, this optimising the industrial investment.
The Committee’s opinion: Intuitive and simplified: an excellent breakthrough innovation that takes account of the demands of patients and manufacturers alike.

Packaging Machines, Systems & Equipment category

BEUMER GROUP Beumer Fillpac R
The BEUMER Fillpac R rotary packing machine is equipped with ultra-modern microprocessors for weighing and a filling system with a horizontal turbine for greater accuracy when counting and weighing. The machine was designed to process 300-6,000 bags per hour.
The Committee’s opinion: a breakthrough innovation for filling large bags. This compact machine provides greater visibility during the filling process.

iFOIL is an entirely digital piece of equipment that revolutionises the embossing and hot foiling market. The process eliminates the need for dies. iFOIL enables production of 1-100,000 pieces at competitive prices, and produces up to 3,000 sheets per hour in 52x74cm format.
The Committee’s opinion: a true innovation that practically eliminates tooling and the ensuing machine changeover times.

Packaging & Intralogistics Services category

ADEPT TECHNOLOGY Adept Lynx Conveyor
Autonomous vehicle equipped with a conveyor enabling all sorts of parts to be transported. Can be used on production sites in various fields of activity (cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, logistics, etc.). Can be installed in existing premises without major changes.
The Committee’s opinion: an autonomous vehicle that helps to increase end-of-line output rates yet makes working conditions less strenuous and reduces the occurrence of MSD (musculo-skeletal disorders).

TILT-IMPORT Shock recorder shocklog GPS
The GPS shocklog tracks a pack on Google Maps. It records and locates the environmental conditions and whatever could damage the product transported (shocks, humidity, temperature, tilt, pressure). Ideal to analyse a logistical circuit and to design a package.
The Committee’s opinion: we should acknowledge the functionality and compactness of this tool. It is suitable for e-commerce and for quality control in general.

3 Special Prizes were awarded to:

GEBO CERMEX automated case packing system for random products

The ER50 automated case packing and product grouping solution constitutes two breakthroughs for products that cannot/should not be accumulated (stand-up bags): its unprecedented automated flow management programme makes it strongly upgradable and the lighter 3D printing tooling and grip makes it quicker to assemble.

The Committee’s opinion: 3D printing technology is gaining ground in the packaging sector and provides a true solution for suitable and cost-effective gripping tools.

LIFTVRAC Sealed conveyor for powdered products

The Liftvrac conveyor system is formed of a polyurethane belt that envelops the product throughout the lifting process. The tube is sealed with a «lip» system, which closes the belt under the pressure exerted by the product during its trajectory, thus avoiding risks of contaminating the surrounding environment with allergens.

The Committee’s opinion: Simple, functional and well thought:

UTZ GROUP Connectable carts for preparing orders

This order preparation solution is specifically adapted to the click&collect market with its "picking" logic for orders of multiple products. It consists of a combination of 600x400mm carts that can be connected/assembled together and is also compatible with interlocking plastic trays.

The Committee’s opinion: the simplicity of the solution and the degree to which the carts can be assembled constitute an obvious solution for handling heterogeneous batches and for mass retail.


Pack Experts 2014 committee members:
Annette FREIDINGER-LEGAY, Consultant for the EMBALLAGE packaging exhibition and International packaging expert
David OZENNE – CHARAL – Director of Innovation
Arnaud ROLLAND – COCA COLA ENTREPRISE – Sustainable Development Manager
Vincent FERRY – DANONE RESEARCH – Packaging Development Manager
Valérie HERRENSCHMIDT – ECO-EMBALLAGES – Materials Unit Manager
Jan LE MOUX – ECO-EMBALLAGES – Waste Prevention Manager
Jean-Lou JOUX – FROMAGERIES BEL – Product Management Leader Environmental Projects ECR France/Physical Distribution
Bruno GARNIER – Groupe CARREFOUR – Packaging and Sustainable Development Expert
Sandrine SOMMER – GUERLAIN – Sustainable Development Manager
Philippe BONNINGUE – L’ORÉAL – Global Director of Sustainable Packaging and Development
Jean-Luc POIRIER – MARS PETCARE France – European Packaging Innovation Manager
Claudine ROSIERS – NESTLÉ- Corporate Packaging
Jean PINOTEAU – NESTLÉ – Packaging Specialist
Laurence PROUST – PFIZER SANTÉ FAMILIALE – Marketing Manager
Jean-Michel GUARNERI – VENTE-PRIVEE.COM – European Senior VP Supply Chain