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Eliminating paper machine deposition

KemFlite is a new concept developed by Kemira to reduce paper and board machine problems caused by deposits due to the agglomeration of hydrophobic particles. These typically originate from wood pitch, stickies or binders in coated broke and have previously been difficult to detect and control. Under certain conditions, they can agglomerate to a larger size and eventually deposit on paper machine wet-end surfaces, wires, felts and dryer cans.

KemFlite is designed to manage the hydrophobic substances, particularly their size, before they form deposits. The concept combines tools including Kemira Flyto – a unique laboratory analysis to measure the particle size, quantity and hydrophobicity in samples taken from key points in the process – and Kemira AutoFlite, an on-line device that continuously provides similar information.

Following a complete mill survey by Kemira’s application experts, a tailor-made deposit control programme can be implemented to manage the hydrophobic substances found in a mill’s process waters and eliminate machine deposition. It is claimed that the KemFlite concept has been proven in numerous mill cases, where it has improved machine runnability and reduced defects such as holes, spots, specks and hickeys in the final paper or board product.

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