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Ecosciences finalizes bilingual retail packaging to coincide with launch of retail consumer product line

Ecosciences announced that it has finalized bilingual retail packaging to coincide with the launch of its retail consumer product line in the first quarter of 2018.

Under the brand name EcoNow, the Company will offer two product SKUs under the name “Septic Oxy-Tabs” and one product SKU under the name “Drain & Pipe Oxy-Tabs”.  

All of the products contain powerful, concentrated tablets that treat septic tanks or remove build-up in pipes and drains and are in resealable pouches.  

In the U.S., the Company designed packaging in English and Spanish in order to enable the Company to market to both traditional markets and the ever-growing Hispanic market. In Canada, the Company designed English/French packaging to comply with Canadian regulations and to enable the Company to market to both English speaking and French speaking markets. 

Ecosciences COO Dan Cohen said: "We are very excited about our new packaging design which we believe will be very appealing to consumers.  We believe we have other packaging advantages, including a package size that maximizes shelf space, and that our tablets are unique SKUs to the market. Most competitive products are liquids or powders.

“We have confidence we will gain brand acceptance because consumers will be drawn to the ‘Oxy-Tab’ name and oxygen technology.” 

EcoNow's Oxy-Tab proprietary technology provides oxygen, buffers and billions of beneficial bacteria that breakdown household waste, debris, grease, toilet paper, and solids to properly treat septic tanks, sinks, pipes, drains, toilets, showers and garbage disposals. 

The products eliminate odors and are non-hazardous, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. 

Ecosciences focuses on building, acquiring and investing in businesses around ecological and life sciences. From wastewater remediation to healthcare and more, Ecosciences, Inc. is committed to building a better living environment for all people.