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EC gives industry one year to propose labeling rules for alcohol

The European Commission (EC) is inviting the industry to submit a self-regulatory proposal, within a year, on labelling of alcoholic beverages.

The commission adopted a report on the mandatory labelling of the list of ingredients and the nutrition declaration for alcoholic beverages.

Prepared by the EC, the report has recommended the drinks industry to maintain a mandatory labeling of the list of ingredients and nutrition declaration for alcoholic beverages.

The report includes rules on listing ingredients and nutrition declaration that are applicable for all foods, including alcoholic beverages.

According to the commission, the beverages containing more than 1.2% alcohol per volume have been exempted.

The EC recommended that industry has to propose an approach, which will offer consumers with information about the ingredients present in alcoholic beverages and the nutritional value of alcoholic beverages/

The commission will evaluate the proposal and launch an impact assessment to review further, if the approach founds to be unsatisfactory.

EC health and food safety commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis said: "This report supports the right of people in the European Union to be fully informed about what they drink.

“Moreover, it does not identify any objective grounds justifying the absence of the list of ingredients and nutrition information on alcoholic beverages.

“The expansion of voluntary initiatives from the sector has already been ongoing and is brought to the fore in the report."