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DSM offers melamine based barriers

In The Netherlands, Stamicarbon (the DSM Licensing Centre) has launched a patented process for the creation of transparent oxygen barrier layers based on the vapour deposition of melamine. Symphase technology, branded as Freshure Coatings, it is now being offered for licensing in flexible packaging – particularly for food applications.

DSM says melamine is completely environmentally benign, and Freshure is available either as a stand-alone high gas barrier coating, or as a top coat for oxide coated or metallized films.

Dr Shahab Jahromi, business manager for Symphase technology, says: “As the world’s largest poducer of melamine, we are extremely familiar with the properties and handling characteristics of this material. We have partnered its obvious benefits – its sustainability, the transparency of the coatings, the high barrier values and its cost effectiveness – with the markets where we see real openings. A major film producer in America has already taken up a licence and invested heavily in dedicated equipment which will be commercially operational by the end of the year.”

DSM is active worldwide in developing innovative products and services for many key markets today — particularly nutritional and pharmaceutical ingredients and performance materials — and is a global sustainability leader.


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