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DS Smith’s Worldwide Dispensers launches new dispensing tap for edible oil

DS Smith’s plastics division Worldwide Dispensers has introduced a new dispensing tap, VINIflow, for bag-in-box edible oil.

The tap has been developed to provide smooth pouring flow and maintain oil viscosity while serving from bag-in-box packaging.

DS Smith’s new tap, which complies with new legislation, is an expansion of the VINIflow tap that is used for different bag-in-box product applications such as wine, juice, dairy and water.

The new dispensing tap is a self closing pull-tap that includes smooth and comfortable levers to dispense product by using one hand.

According to the company, the new oil dispensing tap features a special element within the outlet to help flow oil more directional and consistent.

The tap will also decrease oxygen permeability, as well as offer an optimized flow rate, drip-free pouring and sealed storage.

DS Smith’s another plastics business unit Rapak manufactures special oil barrier films for bag-in-box packaging.

The oil barrier films will help to protect the product from oxidization and prevents migration of contaminants.

In addition, the films enable producers to maintain the quality of flavor and extend the oil’s freshness up to one year.

In November 2017, Rapak North America introduced EvacuStrip dip strip technology beverage bag for bag-in-box packaging formats.

The dip strip rigid and rectangular evacuation assistance device in the bag enables convenient dispensing of traditional post-mix syrup and evacuate pulpy juice or highly viscous liquids.

Rapak’s EvacuStrip can be used with NSF approved PCSS+ Line-side connectors, enabling to provide the full-system solution for bag-in-box dispensing.

Image: VINIflow for edible oil, ensures a smooth pouring flow. Photo: courtesy of DS Smith.