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DS Smith unveils protective packaging for new potatoes

Sweden-based Pacsystem has turned to DS Smith for better packaging for fresh potatoes.

DS Smith said the new potatoes need to be packed carefully to preserve their welcome place on the dinner table.

Pacsystem helps small growers consolidate packaging orders and make big savings with bulk purchases.

According to DS Smith, any packaging developed for new potatoes needs to tackle moisture at two fronts, one from the potatoes themselves and from the rain and dew that comes from packaging the product in the middle of the field.

To tackle these issues, DS Smith coated the new potato case with a waterproof barrier on both the liner and the fluting to effectively withstand all moisture attacks.

The company claims that this type of packaging can be up to four time stronger than the previously offered packaging and it has improved durability.

Pacsystem is offering its customers a package that looks good and which is well received by both retailers and at the end customer, who can enjoy fresh potatoes that taste fresh from the field.

Pacsystem purchase/customer manager Lars Mårtensson said: "DS Smith is in charge of corrugated board and barrier technology. We have been working with them for a long time, and when we searched for better packaging for fresh potatoes it was obvious to turn to them. They have an assortment of barriers that no one else can offer.”

Image: DS Smith collaborates with Pacsystem to develop packaging for new potatoes. Photo: Courtesy of DS Smith.