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DS Smith to unveil Combi FCE 150R packaging machine at Interpack 2017

DS Smith Packaging Systems will introduce a new machine for packaging end of line at the Interpack 2017 event, which is scheduled to be held in Germany from 04-10 May.

The new machine, Combi FCE 150R, is a forming, packing and closing cases system featuring a new robotic mandrel case former.

Designed for easier utilization and a faster production, the machine provides forming repeatability and consistency and also improves box performance and new box shapes, compared to the market existing offer.

The Combi FCE 150R comprises four major parts including one mandrel case former infeed, one case filler entry packer infeed, one top case sealer outfeed and one top case closer.

DS Smith said in a statement: “Combining a robotic mandrel case former with a high speed robotic packing and a closing unit in a compact line, DS Smith Packaging Systems guarantee full benefits of its mandrel forming technology.”

The machine, which has higher case compression strength through precision forming and fluting integrity, lowers recycle paper combination.

In addition to offering higher case compression strength through precision forming and fluting integrity, the system improves box consistency by allowing less case over sizing.

Furthermore, the machine improves top or side casing, top case sealing, palettization as well as provides less down time, thus improving end of line packaging efficiency.

DS Smith offers corrugated packaging and plastic packaging solutions to its customers. The firm employs more than 26,000 people and operates across 36 countries.