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DS Smith Plastics launches new line of AkyPak bulk containers

DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products has introduced AkyPak reusable & foldable bulk containers to optimize logistics management related costs.

AkyPak bulk containers feature thermoformed lid and pallet, as well as customisable sleeve for cargo optimization.

The sleeve can be folded between the lid and pallet when empty, helping to reduce cost related with returned logistics and transportation.

Thermoformed HDPE is used in making the lid and pallet, while the sleeves are made of of polypropylene plastics. 

All three components of the light weight container can be reused up to seven years and recycled at the end of their useful life. They also offer other benefits such as stack-ability and ergonomics.

AkyPak bulk containers are available in three variants, including AkyPak Classic, AkyPak Advanced and AkyPak 4You.

AkyPak Classic is a returnable container with three separate and stackable parts designed to enhance logistics flow.

The reusable packaging transit system includes o-locks to prevent water penetration, three-skid baseplates for secure handling, tabs for secure stacking, as well as visual closure indicator and intrusion-prevention indicator.

AkyPak Advance is a reusable packaging transit system, which can be compressed into a single unit return position to avoid loss of pieces. It can also be combined with other existing solutions.

This transit system also includes locks to prevent water penetration, runners for secure handles, ergonomic handles and hook to hold the cover to the pallet, in addition to visual closure indicator and intrusion-prevention indicator.

AkyPak 4You is a custom-designed bulk container, which will be designed as per the customer requirements.

The company will develop the personalized solution as per the customer’s product and protection requirement.

DS Smith’s plastic division produces flexible packaging, filling equipment, liquid dispensers, rigid packaging returnables and foam products.

The firm’s corrugated plastic products can be used in multiple applications, including sheets, packaging and OEMs.

Image: DS Smith has introduced new line of AkyPak bulk containers. Photo: courtesy of DS Smith.