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DS Smith develops new packaging solution for Carbones Fergon’ coal briquettes

DS Smith has developed a new type of packaging solution for Spain-based Carbones Fergon, which supplies fire lighting and combustion solutions for barbecues and fireplaces.

Carbones Fergon selected DS Smith to develop a sustainable packaging solution that would facilitate transport and storage, enable the carbon briquettes to be displayed on the shelves,

The Spanish firm also sought to use them cleanly and safely when lighting a barbecue.

DS Smith developed the new WonderGrill Box, which it claims is a completely revolutionary solution for the industry.

The company redesigned packaging from the central structure in the form of a cage, through to the outer box.

A sealed rectangular box was created, without grooves in the base, avoiding the coal dust leak. Carbones Fergon provides fire lighting and combustion solutions for barbecues and fireplaces.

Its pre-cut design allows the end user to simply open the upper flap of the exterior box, and the coal briquettes can be lit in the central part of the cage after the flap is lifted.

Carbones Fergon CEO Marcos Fernandezs said: “DS Smith understood every element of our brief and exceeded our expectations with the WonderGrill box.

“The easy opening and lighting function has made a tangible difference to our customers and this has resulted in significant sales growth.

DS Smith’s Covadonga Serrano said: “By creating the WonderGrill, we have come up with a game-changing solution which has resulted in sales growth and real added value to the end user.”

Image: DS Smith has designed new WonderGrill Box to remove mess from barbecues. Photo: courtesy of DS Smith.