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DRVN Partners, Ax Water for new branding

Aronia berry-based beverage company Ax Water has partnered with go-to-market business accelerator DRVN Partners for new branding.

Launched in mid-2017, Ax Water found initial success securing retail space across the Midwest. But Blake Johnson, Ax Water Co-Founder, knew that having an outstanding product, produced with a berry boasting three times the antioxidant levels of others, was only the first step.

"We had a great product and the beginnings of a brand but knew we had a lot of work ahead to be a player in this industry. Being introduced to DRVN made it possible to compete."

Unique in the way they challenge business to think, DRVN aims to help brands evaluate their processes, simplify the messaging, and provide intent-driven, leading edge, go-to-market strategies to enhance growth and increase revenue.

Through rigorous evaluation at the outset, DRVN focused intently on understanding the people, culture, and mission of Ax Water.

 "What makes any project worthwhile? People. People inspire great work," says James Choe, Managing Partner of DRVN. "Through our process of transparent collaboration with the Ax Water team, we were able to forge a new working culture that nurtured an emotional connection to the vision and allowed for this new branding to emerge."

Since the partnership began, the brand has been refreshed, including market positioning, packaging, channel strategy, and operational processes. "DRVN is data-driven, consumer-focused, and their go-to-market speed is second to none," says Johnson. "As an engineer, I can't deny data! It's what has guided every decision we've made." 

"Our new strategy is already resonating with consumers, buyers, and distributors as we've secured deals with distribution partners and retailers across the country," says Choe. "Moving forward we'll focus on educating consumers on the superior product Blake created, as well as growing revenue and building a network of advocates. The fun is just beginning."

Founded in Fargo, North Dakota, Ax Water is an all-natural, American-made, health and wellness beverage.

The winner of multiple awards from the 2017 Zenith Bottled Water Congress, Ax Water packs all the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of the aronia berry into 16 ounces.

DRVN Partners is a go-to-market consulting and creative team with decades of combined industry-leading vision and execution. Committed to supporting clients in all areas of proven expertise, DRVN keys in on the pillars by which their strategy is guided – people, culture, simplicity, and speed.