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Douwe Egberts pack relaunches in The Netherlands, in partnership with Design Bridge

Douwe Egberts pack relaunches in The Netherlands, in partnership with Design Bridge

3 November 2014

Design Bridge in partnership with D.E MASTER BLENDERS 1753 brings back the unique heritage of Douwe Egberts brand.

International brand design agency, Design Bridge, is the new global design partner of D.E MASTER BLENDERS 1753. This new partnership has led to a full redesign of the packaging portfolio enabling the brand to better connect with the Dutch market.

An exciting first brand challenge
D.E MASTER BLENDERS 1753 challenged Design Bridge with the task of "Bringing Back" the distinctive assets of the Douwe Egberts brand. Among these areas, packaging played a significant role in how the brand was perceived as the pack is the face of Douwe Egberts, confirming its truth and true personality.

A respectful solution from Design Bridge, re-claiming brand identity
During their research, Design Bridge’s team were able to craft design assets which consumers had always associated with Douwe Egberts; the white shaped top of the pack, coffee leaves, crafted typography of the brand-mark with its typical ‘lowercase e’. These all play a vital role in capturing the warmth and authenticity of the brands true meaning.

The most significant of all was the return to prominence of the Frisian Lady at the heart of the pack, evoking strong memories of home, togetherness and the aroma of coffee. The challenge of the brief was to be authentic without being nostalgic as Douwe Egberts is considered a timeless brand that is still today synonymous with Dutch family rituals.

Craft and detail matter
It is not every day that you are able to work on a brand that holds such huge resonance for the Dutch. Every detail was crafted to perfection as befits such an iconic symbol of more than 260 years of heritage. To illustrate the ‘Frisian Lady’ Design Bridge commissioned an artist to craft a linocut. This traditional printing technic captures the truth of the brand, adding a level of handmade detail not often seen in supermarket brands.

"This was never a task to simply look back, but to make the past relevant for today and understand the truth at the heart of the brand. We want this to be enduring and relevant for years to come and for Douwe Egberts to position and presence on shelf, as well as in the hearts and homes of The Netherlands." Claire Parker, Creative Director Design Bridge

"We are extremely proud of the new face of the Douwe Egberts brand in the Netherlands. This has been the result of a very successful collaboration with Design Bridge. The timelines were tight yet the whole process felt like a well-oiled train. A complete design relaunch based on our rich past to support a brighter future." Eric Bouter, Marketing Manager Douwe Egberts NL