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Deufol Sunman to acquire Bentley World-Packaging’s Pennsylvania and Ohio locations

Indiana-based Deufol Sunman has agreed to acquire Bentley World-Packaging’s Pennsylvania and Ohio locations in the US.

Under the deal, Deufol Sunman is acquiring Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Cincinnati locations from Bentley World-Packaging.

Bentley is divesting the locations to focus on providing better services to its major customers in the Midwest and East Coast.

Bentley will continue to own and run full-service facilities in Wisconsin and Maryland. It offers custom packaging solutions to various commercial and industrial goods markets, as well as serves a variety of specialized military markets.

The company also produces SnapCrate product line, which is a collapsible and cost effective crating system made of wood packaging material.

Bentley World-Packaging president Todd Bentley said the sale of these locations is part of the company’s long-term strategy to focus energies on its key customers and highly sought-after capabilities, which include expanding parts distribution, kitting and packaging centers for the on and off-road equipment, industrial and military markets.

“While we will continue to serve the needs of our customers nationwide, our intent is to focus on our Midwest and East Coast markets.”

Based in Milwaukee, Bentley offers custom packaging solutions for the military, industrial, electrical, aerospace and automotive industries.

With operations in Wisconsin and Maryland, Bentley is claimed to be one of the largest export and specialty packaging firms in the US.

The company’s services comprised of commercial export and domestic packaging, military packaging, package engineering, distribution, warehousing and on-site packaging services.

It also provides reusable crates and import supply chain solutions to the customers.