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Degraf presents two new processors for flexo plates

Degraf presented two new units at the LabelExpo – the Aqua Concept 860WP for the production of water based letterpress and flexoUV plates, and Concept 305DW (Digital Washer), designed for the production of middle-sized flexo digital plates.

The new Aqua Concept 860WP is a multifunction unit, which can manage all the production phases of water letterpress and flexo UV plates. The unit is divided into two parts: the exposure section, and the inline washing/drying/post-exposure section, which is completely automated. The two sections work in independently, so that during the processing of the first plate, the following one can be exposed.

Concept 860WP can process both metal and PVC based plates, of size up to 66 x 86cm. There are two kinds of plate transport in the washing/drying/finishing section: direct for

metal-based plates and with permanent adhesive surface for PVC-based plates.

The new Concept 305 DW, designed for digital and analog plates of size up to 92 x 120cm, has two separate tanks for the solvent. One of the tanks, dedicated to the per-washer section, collects the solvent used to remove the layer of the digital plate. The other tank is for the washing section and is used only with the non-contaminated solvent.

Like all Degraf washing solutions, the Concept 305DW is equipped with cylindrical brushes that have an oscillating and rotary movement in opposing direction. A solvent density detector, integrated into the hydraulic system, gauges the percentage of dissolved polymer and ensures the replenishment of new solvent when the readings exceed the values established during the machine setup.


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