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Cromalin capability increased

DuPont says its Cromalin Digital is now able to match the ISOLitho 12467-2 specification, enabling printers not only to ensure their print and proofs are identical but to easily identify changes in colour appearance.

UK based Mellow Colour has worked with DuPont and other companies to develop print appearance that conforms to the internationally recognized ISO 12467-2 specification. Using a spectrophotometer, the ISOLitho colour bar is scanned and the measurements are input into a spreadsheet.

Readings taken from the press are compared to recognized ISO colour specifications and the results displayed in ‘printer friendly’ charts. These show the colour difference between the proofing result and the ISO specified colour.

‘ISO bars’ are used to indicate the accuracy of the colour match, highlighted in green if the reading is under 2, or red if it is over. If the reading is over 2, it is categorized as unacceptable, as the difference in tolerance between the tested print and the ISO specification is too big. A reading of 2 is deemed acceptable.

The print density and LAB values can be shown on different charts, comparing ink density, trapping, dot gain, gradation, grey balance and ink colour with the ISO specified readings.

The ISO specification works with any press, so if printers in different locations are printing the same job, both matching colours to the ISO system, the finished prints will look the same, it is claimed. Printers using the ISO specification can also ensure a very close match between a proof and a press by setting the colour on both to match ISO targets. This not only allows a close colour match, but will also permit simple identification of when either drifts out of tolerance.

Mellow Colour can provide consultancy to tune printing and proofing systems to the ISO 12647-2 standard. It also specializes in technical troubleshooting and fine tuning of colour systems through an on-site three-day proofing and press calibration service.



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