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CPI launches new standard for UK’s fresh produce industry

The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) has launched the common footprint quality (CFQ) standard for fresh produce industry in the UK, in a bid to provide better packaging for fruits and vegetables.

The new CFQ standard has been framed to confirm whether the tray being used will offer safe and enhanced packaging for fruits and vegetables.

UK’s corrugated firms DS Smith, Saica Pack and Smurfit Kappa have implemented the quality standard to set a standard for packaging of fruits and vegetables.

The strength and durability with CFQ stamp will be strictly tested to check whether they are in optimal condition for handling and transportation when it dispatches from the corrugated manufacturer.

Adoption of CPI’s CFQ standard will enable to improve the efficiency of the fresh produce supply chain for growers and retailers, helping common footprint trays from different suppliers to be stacked safely and rapidly.

CPI had partnered with the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO), which launched a Europe-wide CFQ mark in 2016.

The standard will help to stack the trays from various origins safely depending on standard base size along with the size and position of tabs and receptacles.

Corrugated packaging can be altered for various different crops and misshapen produce, enabling to reduce the potential for bruising and skin damage that can happen with rigid packaging.

In addition, it offers safe and hygienic packaging system as it is used only once before being recycled.

CPI packaging affairs director Andy Barnetson said: “The new CFQ mark demonstrates that the UK Corrugated Industry is picking up the baton to provide the best possible packaging solutions for customers.

“We are providing the accreditation in support of the logo, which is further confirmation that the packaging is strong enough to cushion and protect fruit and vegetables throughout their journey.”

Image: CPI’s new common footprint quality (CFQ) standard will enable to provide provide better packaging for fruits and vegetables. Photo: courtesy of The Confederation of Paper Industries.