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Coveris’ Breakthrough Technology NEOCELL PP+ Wins Packaging Oscar

Coveris' Breakthrough Technology NEOCELL PP+ Wins Packaging Oscar

Jan 16 2015

Coveris’ Breakthrough Technology NEOCELL PP+ Wins Packaging Oscar

In November 2014, NEOCELL PP+ won the "Oscar de l’Emballage" ("Packaging Oscar") in the category ‘Plastic Packaging’ . The award committee rewarded Coveris for its yoghurt pack made of NEOCELL PP+ form-fill-seal (FFS) sheet, especially its comprehensive approach and use of polypropylene (PP) in the market dominated by polystyrene (PS) packaging solutions.

Ecological and cost-effective packaging solution for safe and functional FFS applications

The development of NEOCELL PP+ was driven by Coveris’ aim to provide customers with an ecological and resource-saving product packaging solution, whilst improving overall cost-effectiveness.

The latest development can be considered as the next generation of the already available lightweight technology NEOCELL PS/PS+, eliminating the need for chemical foaming agents completely through the injection of low-density gas. The resulting density decrease leads consequently to a reduction in product weight, which contributes to an improvement in the overall carbon footprint.
In addition, the NEOCELL PP+ sheet innovation shows a crucial advantage over PS sheets when it comes to cost efficiency. Customers are able to bring in savings on material but also bring additional stability in terms of raw material savings.

NEOCELL PP+ constitutes the first thermoformed and breakable polypropylene sheet for safe and functional product applications with a smooth haptic. The further advanced form FFS packaging solution is particularly relevant for the dairy market, presenting a resource-saving and cost-effective alternative to standard PS sheets. Developed in Coveris’ FFS Center of Excellence in Mont-de-Marsan, France, this new sheet innovation offers a future-oriented packaging solution free of polystyrene, which is suitable to all kinds of FFS lines at similar output as usual PS structures.

NEOCELL, a flexible and customizable lightweight technology

Like its predecessors NEOCELL PS and PS+, NEOCELL PP+ is a multilayer sheet. However, rather than using PS for the outer layers, the new sheet incorporates PP, a thermoplastic polymer with higher mechanical and heat resistance properties. The outer PP layer was studied in order to strengthen the structure and to improve the mechanical properties of the final product. The middle layer is injected with a customized amount of low-density gas, adding further flexibility and modularity to this innovative concept, while maintaining the product’s functionality. NEOCELL PP+ is available as natural, white and bi-colored sheet in 272 to 830 mm width and 0.7 to 1.4 mm thickness in a wide range of dimensions.

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