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Cortec produces waterborne moisture barrier coating for paper manufacturers

Corrosion control technologies provider Cortec has launched a waterborne moisture barrier coating for paper manufacturers.

EcoShield barrier coating will help paper manufacturers to create non-toxic and environmentally friendly paper and corrugated-board alternatives to wax and polyethylene papers.

The manufacturers can produce recyclable and repulpable paper and boxes through applying EcoShield barrier coating onto the Kraft paper, recycled paper and linerboard.

Traditionally, polyethylene and wax coatings were used to seal porous paper, corrugated boxes, and sheets, which cannot be recycled through normal channels.

Papers or linerboard coated with EcoShield barrier coating is fully recycled recyclable and repulpable, as it can achieve low moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) compared against of polycoated or waxed paper.

EcoShield barrier coating offers dual moisture and grease resistance, which allows to create packaging material that can seal out moisture or other contaminants.

The coating will also provide protecting against leakage or packaging failure for items with greasy characteristics.

EcoShield barrier coating can be applied to common paper roll coaters such as gravure, flex, air-knife and reverse-roll.

In addition, the coating helps to protect paper’s physical properties such as burst, tear, tensile strength, elongation, folding endurance, coefficient of friction and smoothness.

Cortec provides VpCI and MCI corrosion control technologies for packaging, metalworking, construction, electronics, water treatment, oil and gas and other industries.

In July 2017, Cortec installed a new advanced box making machine, which will allow to produce CorrTainer corrosion protection boxes at various sizes.

The company had installed the new machine at its Eau Claire facility in Wisconsin, US.