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Cortec installs new machine for custom-made corrosion protection boxes

Cortec has installed a new advanced box making machine, which will allow to produce CorrTainer corrosion protection boxes at various sizes.

The company has installed the new machine at its Eau Claire facility in Wisconsin, US.

The machine allows to produce the corrosion protection boxes in small or large amounts based on the customer requirements.

CorrTainer boxes integrate vapor phase corrosion inhibitors (VpCIs) directly into the cardboard walls for automatic corrosion protection of the metal parts placed and sealed inside a box.

The corrosion protection box is a convenient packaging option for shipping metal parts.

VpCI molecules coated on the corrugated cardboard evaporate and diffuse across the enclosed box to form a protective layer on metal parts packaged inside the CorrTainer.

The molecular layer is said to protect the metal surface from interacting with corrosive elements such as moisture and oxygen, which are expected to be present during the shipping and storage time.

The protection boxes can be used to transport single-use packs of spare parts such as automotive brakes, clutches or similar equipment. It also helps to eliminate inserting internal packaging such as polyethylene bags or paper wraps.

CorrTainer can effectively protect multi-packs of small items such as bearings, tools, bolts, and similar items.

In addition, it can be used with VpCI interleaving materials for export and storage of components ranging from rough castings to high-end multi-metal telecommunications equipment.

According to the company, CorrTainer is free from nitrites, phosphates, silicates and is fully recyclable and repulpable.

Image: CorrTainer protection box is a convenient packaging option for shipping metal parts. Photo: courtesy of Cortec® Corporation.